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in love there is strength

My name is Rachel Elizabeth Maynard. I am an 18 year old college student, falling for my best friend, a United States Marine. We have been dating since 201100806. This blog is my diary of thoughts for when I miss him, and for when I need to record my thoughts on life. It is also of pictures of houses that i would love to live in, marriage, and babies.

 don’t get bored :)  there’s always something to do. I’ve been really sick since Saturday. I even drank a lot and went to the dance  Saturday night to try and party it out of me. However my fever just broke! lol

Whaaat? I’m sorry. Yea I’ve had a couple of those. Every surprise party I’ve found out last minute… What would be your ideal bday?

I had a surprise party once :) and my sweet 16 was a lot of fun bc I took my girl friends to the biggest paintball arena in the country.

I’m maybe a little boring, but I just really love being out with my close friends eating great food and having too much to drink. If I could spend it on my dads sail boat or in the mountains in Colorado I’d prbly be happiest

Oh and if a bonfire or dancing is possible, I’m all over it2/18/14, 9:10 PM

HaHa that’s an awesome bday. I did that for my friends on my 13th we just went to an indoor pball field it was great. I love sailboats. I wouldn’t call you boring. Sounds like you know how to have fun. Good food drink friends and a great view suffice for me. Shame your not here could have had it at uterras and had a bonfire barbq and good drink :p

I think I’d like to have a farm on the other hand a city or a desolate beach seem to have more appeal. Something about sex on the beach whenever you want just does it for me. lol

Hahaha I can appreciate that. Idk where I would like to live, I have a lot of sides to me that would be happy living with each of those

Wake up and go surfing… I’d be so content. Seafood at your fingertips. Beautiful sunsets and amazing storms…

Yeah I love storms too :) the rain and fog here in Seattle comfort me, they don’t depress me2/18/14, 9:30 PM

That’s nice. At least you’re really enjoying yourself :)

Oh absolutely. You and I both seem to never get bored and to enjoys ourselves no matter where we r2/18/14, 9:37 PM

Yes both great qualities to have.  :) I’m sure we have a lot more in common.

I have no doubt :) way to start being cool when I move away lol

I wanted to talk to you a lot sooner but rodrigo was weird about it. He was like ohh she’s with Logan.. Bla bla

Well I am with Logan lol, ok so we will blame rodrigo for not getting to know each other sooner haha2/18/14, 9:47 PM

Still together?!? HaHa :p but yes it is all his fault.2/18/14, 9:52 PM

Haha yep apparently to him I’m worth waiting for

I don’t doubt that I’ve even heard that one before. :p2/18/14, 10:04 PM

I believe it :) sorry, was cooking

It’s all good. Yea and at the same time she said I could go out and do my own thing as long as she didn’t hear about it.. She was brave lol what’s for dinner?

Oh wow, so you were in like an open relationship? Sole meunière


its cold and gloomy here in seattle, soup and an old fashioned sound perfect every night when I’m walking home from work in the rain lol2/23/14, 9:53 PM

Just thought took me away for a moment.. “Soup and an old fashioned”. That’s beautiful. lol ummm French onion, Italian wedding soup, gazpacho, my famous chili, chicken noodle, kale and white bean, chorizo and snout… When I got clean I humbled myself and took a job at a soup shop which was owned by the lovely Cynthia Shea a grad from here and was a sous chef at spago.

haha isn’t it though? i haven’t gotten to enjoy that yet.

I haven’t heard of Spago, but the soup shop sounds lovely

It’s Wolfgang pucks place.  Yea I was seriously taken away for a moment. It took me from everything else I’ve been thinking about tonight. Thank you :) what’s your favorite kind of soup?


I don’t remember anything after that point. lol best remedy for a hangover is caffeine and water. Still feeling rough?

Nope I’m feeling great :)

Awesome :) glad to hear. Going for round twotonight?2/27/14, 5:53 PM

Yep headed out soon

lol you’re a trip2/27/14, 6:01 PM

:) thank you2/27/14, 6:05 PM

Anytime :)


2/28/14, 7:26 PM

Haha that’s fine, I had house of cards and mulled wine to keep me company

Ooo that’s dirty talk lol

Lol close but not quite

When I say stuff like that you have all the right to just tell me I’m ridiculous.

When you talk passionately about food  it’s a huge turn on… Idk what’s wrong with me lol

Lol I take it as a compliment, most people don’t get that about me, which is pretty heartbreaking. It’s nice to know you are the same way

Do you think if we got drunk together we’d be able to control ourselves?

Lol so I’m pretty Irish, I’m making corned beef and cabbage the way my mom makes it. It’s pretty bare bones but it’s home cooking to me

Marry me

For real

I know I’m craving it now..I <3 brandied cherries. You’re something special :) please yes just post a link on my fb wall.

Haha thank you :) I will later tonight

I’m making my own Brandied cherries right now. I put cherries and brandy in my sangria, and I’ll definitely use Brandied cherries in something else. I like to have things like that on hand3/13/14, 4:47 PM

You and your dirty talkI’d like to have somebody like you on hand. :)3/13/14, 4:57 PM

hahaha oh boy you’re really fearless on drugs

Haha you know I like you :)3/13/14, 5:03 PM

haha well if it weren’t for someone getting to me first I might like you back :)3/13/14, 5:09 PM

Haha yea well something’s aren’t hard to tell

Yeah well we click pretty well

Yea I’d say so :) you always know what to say


Why do you say that?

Well my philosophy for being in your twenties is to never let your feet touch the ground. That’s why I picked up and moved to Colorado for a year where I didn’t know anyone. That’s why I picked Seattle, literally on the other side of the country, never been here before, and didn’t know a single soul out here. I have nothing holding me to a place, I want to see and live it all while I can3/15/14, 3:00 PM

That’s a beautiful plan. Take me with you :)

Lol maybe we will cross paths, but I still have to graduate😁 my plan won’t start for a little while. This externship is just what I was craving

f I had 2.5 hours of free time in a bakeshop I’d temper 10lbs of chocolate with mycrio, strip you down and mold you in chocolate and then have my way with you. If that was possible :p

I know I’m awful :)3/18/14, 2:49 PM

Lol yes very awful since I’m taken and apparently you’re sort of taken

No I’m not. I was just giving you a heads up of what could happen :)

Teaser, preview.. Something to keep you busy. I thought it was a good idea :p3/18/14, 2:58 PM

Haha I’ll take it as a very unique compliment then

Good I’ll keep them coming :p3/18/14, 3:15 PM

Funny when you said compliment I started to think complement and how I think we complement each other well.

How so?

Tastes.. Ideals. You know.

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